Lifts maintenance

In the category of services, we make available to you, lift maintenance is an important aspect that should not be ignored. User safety is very important to us, but at the same time should be a concern for you.
Using these services can prevent issues that could lead to costly repairs or even complete replacement of the equipment and will ensure the safe use of the equipment.

Common problems that require repair and maintenance services of lifts

From our experience the most common problems encountered in the elevator maintenance services are those found within the engine which may show the following defects:
Overheating engine
No power
Failure of various engine components
Damages arising not only from the engine but they can occur in the following components of the elevator:
The structure of the drive
Lifts command panel
Brake pads.
Other safety items and supplies
Each intervention must be carried out only by experienced and authorized personnel, so every problem can be remedied so lifts users can be safe.

The embodiment of lift maintenance services

Our team of professionals moves to the spot and makes observations on problems arising from the lifts and apply appropriate solutions. Verification and its importance should not be ignored as no other stage in terms of maintenance.
For each of these failures we ensure spare parts, so maintenance work is effective.
Maintenance of lifts is done after consultation with the customer to determine the program. All equipment is monitored by our company to identify the damages that may arise.

For more information about this type of maintenance you can contact us at one of the numbers listed on our contact page or via the contact form. Also, our team of specialists will travel to site to make observations on issues and will be able to provide the most advanced solutions.

Lifts service

Lifts have today become part of our lives and, in any event, whenever they need maintenance, inspections or repairs to continue to work properly.

All these services are offered by our company so that you can enjoy full comfort. Whether these lifts address residential buildings or businesses, we are offering the highest quality services performed to the highest standards.

Our company provides diversified services, namely:

Design - technical project design, documentation and specific advice for approving elevators utilization.
Assembly - we provide installation and commissioning by qualified personnel.
Modernization – we perform complex repair and modernization works according to current requirements.
Service - authorized service and experienced professional team, logistics and modern equipment provided throughout the country, testing and authorization as required by law.
RSVTI - designated operator under the legislation in force.
In terms of service lifts, we strive to constantly keep our team motivated and continue to offer them training so that services are aligned with the latest trends and technologies that take the world by storm today.
Please contact us by one of the numbers available or through our contact form.

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